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Mise à jour : 01 mars 2018

Are you coming to France (in Northern France / Hauts-de-France) for career reasons and looking for information about procedures to be completed and how best to settle in ?

Helping you to settle in

This website contains all the information you may require when you and your family arrive in France and to guide you through the various steps of moving and settling in the country :

In the attached document, you will also find all details related to the main steps to be completed before and after your arrival in France :

Set up in Northern France (Hauts-de-France) and do business Europe-wide !

Northern France is in the center of the London-Paris-Brussels triangle - an ideal location with direct access to Europe's largest market. In Northern France, you can count on smooth circulation of goods and easy access for your customers and staff.

A team is dedicated to making your project a success : Nord France Invest

Departemental plan for family services

The departemental plan for family services Nord has two strategic directions: early chilhood and parental plans.

Why Northern France ?

- A strategic location (major consumer market, accessibility)
- Key figures (international, economy, workforce)
- Expertise (training, research & development)
- Business sectors ( Mobility , Food and Health , green business , ICT , advanced materials , customer service )
- and... quality of life(people, culture, leisure and sports, tourism).

More informations

Discover all the informations on the 2 websites :